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Gallery of Our Winnipeg Dance Classes: Ballet, Pointe, Flamenco and More

For many students, the Institute of Dance is the first step in an exciting journey that can take them around the world. Our dancers have travelled far beyond Winnipeg attending both national and international competitions. They’ve won prestigious awards, and more importantly, found their calling. If you’d like to learn more about the Institute of Dance, contact us today.

We strive to give our students the best education possible. Not only will they receive excellent training in a variety of styles, but they will also grow as a contributing member of the community. Dancing can help to build confidence, self-esteem, and physical health. On this page, see photos of our dancers in action.

Check out the Awards Our Students Have Won
July 2016

Invitations to Dance World Cup in Mont Tremblant, QC:

  • "Sky Scraper" Lyrical Group – Leeandra Ladell, Jada Grossett, Wei An Lau, Mikayla Williams, Annika Gzebowski

  • "Liwa Wechi" Modern Solo – Mikayla Williams

  • "Tangos" Flamenco Solo – Mikayla Williams

  • "Complicated" Lyrical Solo – Annika Gzebowski

  • "Gotta Get through This" Jazz Solo – Annika Gzebowski

  • "Solea" Flamenco Solo – Magdalena McGregor

  • "Farruca" Flamenco Trio – Christabel Leung, Magdalena McGregor, Clarissa Prigroski

March 2016

  • Paris/Barcelona Dace Tour Scholarship - Annika Gzebowski

January 2016

  • iDance Convention: Paris/Barcelona Dace Tour Scholarship - Clarissa Prigroski

July 2015

  • 5678 Showtime 13 and Up National Dancer of the Year (1st runner up) - Christabel Leung

  • Dance World Cup Highest Score Solo - Christabel Leung ("Violente” and “Not Tonight")

June 2015

Manitoba Dance Festival:

  • Junior Modern Scholarship and Adjudicator's Choice – Annika Gzebowski

  • Junior National Scholarship and Adjudicator's Choice – Trooper Mann Baxter

  • Senior Ballet Scholarship – Christabe Leung

  • Senior Lyrical Scholarship – Christabel Leung

March 2015
5678 Showtime 13 and Up Regional Dancer of Year (1st runner up) – Christabel Leung

Invitations to Dance World Cup in Whistler, BC:

  • "Violente" senior pointe solo – Christabel Leung

  • "Fools Gold" senior ballet demi pointe – Christabel Leung

  • "Muse" senior flamenco solo – Christabel Leung

  • "Not Tonight" lyrical solo – Christabel Leung

July 2014

  • 5678 Showtime National Dancer of the Year 2014, 12 Years and Under – Wei An Lau

June 2014

Manitoba Dance Festival:

  • Junior National Scholarship and Adjudicator's Choice - "All That Fan! GUAJIRAS" flamenco (Christabel Leung, Magdeleina McGregor, Clarissa Prigroski)

  • Senior Lyrical Scholarship – Christabel Leung

May 2014

  • Royal Academy of Dance Solo Seal Award – Christabel Leung

September 2013

Manitoba Dance Festival:

  • Senior Ballet Scholarship 2013 – Christabel Leung

  • Senior Jazz Scholarship 2013 – Juliet Amara

  • Senior Modern Scholarship 2013 – Juliet Amara

  • Senior Lyrical Scholarship 2013 – Juliet Amara

  • Adjudicators' Choice – Christabel Leung "Grand Pas Classique" pointe solo choreographed by Bernadette Shum

  • Adjudicators' Choice – Juliet Amara "These Arms of Mine" jazz solo choreographed by Alexandra Herzog

  • Adjudicators' Choice – National Large Group "Joe De Vivre" choreographed by Maritel Centurion 5678 Showtime

  • Regional Dancer of the Year 2013 – Juliet Amara

  • National Dancer of the Year 2013 – Christabel Leung

July 2013

  • Dance World Cup: scholarships and invitation for our modern dancers to perform at opening ceremony (“I Don’t Want to Morph,” choreographed by Megan Latouche)

November 2012

  • Triple Threat Dance Convention: "Overall Senior Definite Threat" – Juliet Amara

May 2012

Canadian National Dance Championships, Elite Gold and 1st place:

  • "Blue Bird" ballet pointe solo - Christabel Leung

  • "Tango una Chica" modern solo - Juliet Amara

  • "My Dream" ballet duo – Christabel Leung and Juliet Amara

  • "Black Magic" jazz trio – Christabel Leung, Juliet Amara, Clarissa Prigroski

  • "Build a Home" lyrical duo – Christabel Leung, Juliet Amara

  • Choreography Award – Institute of Dance of Manitoba

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