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Winnipeg Dance Lessons – Break Dance, Lyrical, Jazz, Pilates & More

The Institute of Dance offers dance lessons in a variety of styles. Whether you want to immerse yourself in centuries-old dance traditions, improve your fitness with intensive routines, or learn the latest moves from modern music videos, our experienced instructors are passionate about their craft and eager to share their knowledge.

Many of our students have won dance awards while under our tutelage in Winnipeg. We have small classes and go the extra mile to ensure that each student gets individualized attention. Some of our specialties include traditional ballet lessons, elegant flamenco instruction, and a variety of Latin dances. We also offer classes in the following styles:

Kids’ Dance – Ages 3-11

kids dance

For youngsters, these classes are a great introduction to a range of dance styles. Children will learn ballet, jazz, break dance, lyrical, jazz and Latin/ballroom. It’s a great way for kids to exercise, socialize, and learn about dance styles that they may want to pursue more intensively as they grow older.

Jazz – Ages 6-Adult


Students will learn a variety of contemporary jazz styles, including street jazz, urban/funk, stylized jazz, lyrical jazz and Broadway. At each level, students will be expected to master the basics and will only be admitted to the upper levels with approval from the teacher. Ballet-based technique work forms the foundation of each class, and each term will build towards an end-of-year recital.

Lyrical – Ages 12-Adult


This is a fusion of ballet, jazz and contemporary styles that has become popular in North America and several countries throughout the world. Both technical and creative, it allows for imagination and freedom of expression. With instructors Brynne Frohlich and Christabel Leung, this is a fun and hilarious way to explore modern dance. Our classes require prior jazz and ballet training.

Break Dance – Ages 6-Adult

hip hop dancer

Athletic, urban and very popular, this contemporary style of dance is frequently seen in music videos and films. These classes don’t include any foundational dance technique (such as leaps, turns, pirouettes, etc.) and instead focus on modern movements.


modern dancer

This expressive style is less formal than traditional ballet. Our classes with teacher Megan Latouche are a fun and engaging way to explore modern dance.



Technically speaking, pilates isn’t a form of dance, but this fitness method utilizes many of the same principles. It focuses on strength, flexibility, and whole-body endurance. To increase core strength and improve health and fitness through breathing and stretching, this is a great way to exercise and stay active.

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