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Where the Love of Dance Begins

We’re the only dance studio in Winnipeg that offers exceptional ballet training.


Institute of Dance of Manitoba: Winnipeg’s Loved Dance School

Dance is a performing art form that involves rhythmical movements to express oneself. At the Institute of Dance, our experienced and passionate instructors are devoted to spreading the joy of dancing. We offer lessons ranging from traditional to modern dancing at our prestigious school in Winnipeg. Whether you’re planning on enrolling your child into dance class or if you're considering learning to dance yourself, we’ve trained many talented, award-winning dancers. We provide instruction in:

Kids’ classes
Acro dance
Pilates Pro

Would you like to sign up for dance classes? Check out our schedule, and see if you can find a time slot that works for you. If you’d like to learn more about dance, explore the classes we offer. If you have any questions regarding our dance classes, feel free to contact us.

Kids’ Dance

For kids, dance classes can have several benefits. Dance can improve a child’s health through fun physical activity, and it can foster a sense of mental well-being with discipline, creativity, and self-expression. There are many social benefits, as kids can participate in our group lessons and meet peers with similar interests. Dance can be a lifelong passion that children will take with them into adulthood. For kids aged three to 11, we’re happy to offer special classes that cover a range of dance styles.

We look forward to seeing you soon and sharing our love of dance!

Discipline and  Fun Go Hand in Hand

With discipline and tenacious dedication, the sky is truly the limit. This certainly holds true for dancers. At the Institute of Dance, we believe that childhood is a good time to instill the habit of hard work and dedication. Since 1982, generations of dancers have proven it is possible to have fun while exercising the highest level of discipline. Get in touch with us today via an email!

About the Institute of Dance

For over three decades, our non-profit dance school has been spreading a love and passion for dance in all its forms. Established in 1982, we’ve won a multitude of awards, proudly offering dance examinations in ballet in accordance with the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. We have trained many acclaimed dancers, and we are well known for our excellence in ballet training. We’re the only dance studio in Winnipeg that offers ballet training at such a premier level.

Our board of directors includes Bernadette Shum, Linda Yap, and Christabel Loscerbo.

Professional Affiliations

Royal Academy of Dance
Dance Schedule 2024–2025

Sign up now for our latest season of dance classes.

fall 2018 schedule
everybody can dance now
Everybody Dance Now

We offer lessons for dancers of all ages, from pre-schoolers to adults.

Excellence in Ballet Training

If you’re passionate to practice the art of classical ballet, we can help..

seven days a week

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