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Acro Classes in Winnipeg

The Institute of Dance offers acro classes in Winnipeg. Acro dance form challenges dancers to combine skills learned in both dance and acrobatics. In this style of dance, various tricks, balance, flexibility, and other dance techniques are used in fun and artistic ways. Acrobatics is a fun and engaging dance style combining dance and gymnastics. Our dancers will get to learn skills such as front rolls and cartwheels that will be very helpful to advance further.

At the Institute of Dance, acro classes are taught by our highly experienced instructors in an acro and tumbling studio that comprises of the sprung floor, mats, and the other equipment that are needed to teach advanced skills safely and effectively. Acro teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and more importantly discipline and focus. Contact us today!

Acro Instructor

Sydney Yeroschak

Sydney has received training in ballet at the Institute of Dance during her intensive training program in gymnastics. She teaches acro to help dancers become more flexible and have a stronger core.

Sophie Kolisnyk-Tod
Acrobatic Classes

Learn a fun and engaging dance style that fosters acrobatic skills.

acrobatic classes
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Dance Schedule 2024–2025

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Everybody  Dance Now

We offer lessons for dancers of all ages, from pre-schoolers to adults.

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