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Professional Ballet Lessons in Winnipeg

The Institute of Dance in Winnipeg is known for excellence in ballet training. We are the only dance studio in Winnipeg that offers ballet instruction at such a high level, and we are proud of that! You would be delighted to know that we’ve trained Manitoba’s first-ever recipient of the Solo Seal Award from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). Many of our students have received scholarships from the Manitoba Dance Festival.

Classical  Techniques and  Modern Styles –  Students Aged  Three and  Up

Our experienced ballet instructors Bernadette Shum and Linda Yap teach through the RAD method. Our higher-level classes are accompanied by a live pianist to complement your training. We focus on the classical ballet technique, emphasizing postures, lines, control, and execution through both barre and centre work. If you’re interested in modern styles and character work, we can accommodate that also.

Pointe Classes –  Students Aged  12 and  Up

Along with general ballet classes, we offer pre-pointe classes that focus on core-strengthening exercises and techniques for preparing your feet and ankles for pointe work. Dancing en pointe refers to balancing on the tips of fully extended feet.

Our class sizes are small, and we offer individualized instruction to get the most out of every dancer. From pre-primary up to solo seal, we conduct examinations through the RAD syllabus. If you’d like to learn more, check out our weekly schedule or give us a call at a time of your convenience.

Classical Repertoire

Along with ballet lessons, we also offer Classic Repertoire lessons (new syllabus), and children who are aged 12 and above are eligible for admission. Contact us for more information.

Exams and Assessments

Around 230,000 candidates appear for the RAD dance exams every year. Exams and assessments are used to motivate and reward students, and the candidates who clear the examination would receive a certificate of achievement. The students who successfully clear the exam with flying colours will receive awards and medals.

Our Ballet Instructors

Bernadette Shum

Bernadette teaches ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) method and she has entered thousands of students in ballet examinations since 1980. With both her passion for ballet and her extensive experience, she is the primary ballet teacher at the Institute of Dance.

Anna Smith
Professional Ballet Classes Since 1982

We’ve trained Manitoba’s first-ever recipient of the Solo Seal Award from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).

proffesional ballet classes
fall 2018 schedule
Dance Schedule 2024–2025

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Everybody  Dance Now

We offer lessons for dancers of all ages, from pre-schoolers to adults.

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