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Contemporary Pilates in Winnipeg

Pilates Pro is an exercise recommended to dancers because it builds long, lean muscles, and also improves strength and focus. Introduced by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920s, this exercise focuses on improving many parts of the body using various techniques. The Institute of Dance is your premier choice if you’re looking to start a contemporary Pilates workout class in Winnipeg. 

The Institute of Dance offers contemporary Pilates, using Joseph Pilates’ initial techniques combined with adjustments to fit with modern research. Many exercises remain the same to the original, many new exercises have been added and many variations now allow for injury rehabilitation and creativity by the instructor. This includes mat work being in the “neutral pelvis” position to allow space between the floor and your back for increased rehabilitation benefits.


Ladder barrel
Total barre
Fascia fitness




Core strength

Effective Body-Conditioning Exercises for You

The Institute of Dance offers the contemporary version of Joseph Pilates’ body-conditioning exercises. We focus on teaching you safe and effective exercises. Our classes strive to rebalance the body by improving posture, muscle tone, flexibility, and core stability. These exercises can also help you to relieve stress and get rid of back problems, assist in injury rehabilitation, and improve body awareness.

Pilates is recommended by experts because it is an effective way to increase strength and flexibility. It is also a practical addition to your regular workout, cardio or any strength-training program. It combines body conditioning with coordinated movements that require endurance and focuses on improving strength and coordination of the mind, body, and spirit for dancers and athletes.

If you’re looking to improve your flexibility and body-conditioning, contemporary Pilates offered by the Institute of Dance is just the dance form for you. We offer classes for beginners, professionals and for anyone who’s interested in the contemporary Pilates workout program. Contact us today!

Pilates Pro

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