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Kids’ Classes in Winnipeg

Are you planning to introduce your kid to the fascinating world of dancing? If so, the Institute of Dance is the dance school for you. Dance classes are extremely beneficial for your kids. Teaching dance at an early age is one of the ways to boost creativity, discipline, and self-expression. It helps to improve your child’s health through fun physical activity and can foster a sense of mental well-being. Contact us for kids’ classes in Winnipeg.

The success of an individual in life is primarily dependent on his social skills, and sending your child to dance classes can help foster the same. At the Institute of Dance, your child gets to participate in group-lessons and meet peers with similar interests. Most kids who join our dance school at a tender age tend to develop a lifelong passion for dance.

Our systematic dance classes are designed to introduce your kids to a range of dance styles. At our prestigious institute, children will learn ballet, jazz, breakdance, lyrical, jazz, and Latin/ballroom. For children aged three to 11, we’re happy to offer special classes that cover a wide range of dance styles so your child can choose the dance form that suits him or her best. Call us today to learn more.

Kids’ Classes

Boost your child’s creativity, discipline, and self-expression.

kids classes
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Dance Schedule 2024–2025

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Everybody  Dance Now

We offer lessons for dancers of all ages, from pre-schoolers to adults.

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