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Study Classical Spanish Flamenco Dance in Winnipeg

The popularity of flamenco dancing has spread around the world with its origins tracing back centuries in Spain. At the Institute of Dance, we’re proud to offer Winnipeg dancers instruction in both classical Spanish flamenco style and 18th-century Bolero Pericet style. Our adult flamenco classes are designed to explore cantinas with an abanico (fan). We pride ourselves on offering customized instruction through small class sizes.

Class Instructor - Geneviève LaTouche

Geneviève LaTouche has been a member of the Sol de España Spanish folk dancers of Winnipeg for 18 years. She has also performed with Bolero Dance Theatre since she was 16, and she was the lead in their 2014 production of Cinderella. She trained in flamenco with Claire Marchand from the age of 10 and has also studied with Maritel Centurion in flamenco and Spanish classical dance. She has spent the past two years in Madrid studying Danza Española at Centro de Danza María Rosa with teachers who have been part of prestigious companies in Spain.

Latin Dance Classes in Winnipeg

For Winnipeg dancers interested in learning styles originating in Latin America, the Institute of Dance has a range of options. For students aged six to adult, we offer instruction in:


Dance Instructors

Jedi Baker


Jedi Baker teaches Barre/Zumba. He also has experience in Latin ballroom salsa and bachata.

Monique Rivera


Jason Dela Cruz


These highly experienced instructors are teaching dance lessons at the Institute of Dance this season, so be sure to see our schedule to find a lesson time that works for you. If you’d like to sign up for lessons, cha-cha your way down to the Institute of Dance or contact us.

Pilates Pro

Strengthen your mind and body using a variety of proven techniques.

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Dance Schedule 2024–2025

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Everybody  Dance Now

We offer lessons for dancers of all ages, from pre-schoolers to adults.

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